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Charting a New Course: Toward a Life-Centred Economy

We live in a time where most of the planet is lost in the relentless pursuit of economic growth, which often overshadows the essence of human and planetary well-being. Let’s imagine something new, something different, something more primal that calls to the essence of being human. Let’s imagine a life-centred economy – where business nurtures personal well-being, planetary health, and purposeful living. What would that even look like? Take a moment and ponder with me.

How to Incorporate Indigenous Wisdom in Modern Business: Strategies for Conscious Business Growth in the Digital Age

In an age dominated by digital technology and fast-paced innovation, modern businesses face the challenge of staying ahead while maintaining ethical and sustainable practices. One profound way to achieve this balance is by incorporating Indigenous wisdom into business strategies. Indigenous cultures, with their deep-rooted connections to the environment and community-centric values, offer timeless insights that can transform our approach to business in the digital era.